Secondary Wounding

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the term “secondary wounding,” used to describe the pain – and sometimes further trauma – inflicted when someone denies or dismisses your experience. Have you ever felt worse after telling someone about the trauma of your religious experience? You are far from alone. Read more…

Why Religious Trauma Syndrome Is So Invisible

With RTS, the social context is completely different from other trauma recovery situations.  Natural disaster experiences, childhood sexual abuse or family violence are all understandable to friends and professionals who are likely to be sympathetic and supportive.  In the case of religious abuse, a person is often hounded by family and church members to return, and reminded in many ways that they are condemned otherwise.  In essence, they are pressured to return to the perpetrator of their abuse.  Their suffering is not seen.  In fact, they are made pariahs when they do not return and this social rejection is an added layer of serious injury absent from other varieties of trauma. (more…)