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Researching Religious Trauma

Dr. Winell continues to decrease her workload as she is semi-retired and does not take these kinds of calls anymore. We recommend checking out her articles on Religious Trauma Syndrome (academic citation is on the page), as well a searching your libraries' academic journals for the latest research about religious trauma. This is a new, growing field of study so empirical research is just beginning.

While Dr. Winell has made strides getting articles published about Religious Trauma Syndrome, she has focused her career on serving this population directly rather than through academia. If you'd like direct contact with Dr. Winell and access to the academic articles we've collected on religious trauma, we encourage you to check out the Helping Professionals group. The first month is free and should get you started with what you need for your research. And yes, academics count as helping professionals. You can find out more here.

We greatly value the confidentiality of members in our online support group. If you are in need of companionship on your own journey recovering from harmful religion, you are welcome to join us. If you are solely looking for research participants or subjects of study, we encourage you to utilize other resources.

First off, congratulations! Researching, learning, and creating can be an important part of the recovery process from harmful religion.

At this stage in our business, we are unable to review individual projects as we are focused on serving this population directly, and that is quite the task on its own!

If you are looking for a guest to talk about religious trauma, you can contact us at Dr. Winell might be available or someone else may be able to help.