Religious Trauma Syndrome

Selected Publications & Presentations:

Religious Trauma Syndrome (Series of 3 articles), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Today, London.

The Challenge of Leaving Religion and Becoming Secular. In Zuckerman, P. and Shook, J.R. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Secularism.

The Crazy-Making in Christianity: A Look at Real Psychological Harm. In Loftus, J. (Ed.), Christianity is Not Great: How Faith Fails.

How Conservative Christianity Can Warp the Mind. AlternetCNN interviews with Rick Sanchez, Out in the Open, 2007. These two segments were about the attacks by Matthew Murray on a church in Colorado Springs. Here and Here.

It’s Not Just Personal: The Collective Trauma of Religion, American Humanist Association.

Heretic Holidays: Tips from Two Religious Renegades. With Valerie Tarico.

Leaving the Fold. Presentation at the Exmormon Foundation 2011 Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Religious Trauma Syndrome. Presentation at the International Conference on Psychology and Religion, Bari, Italy.

Religious Trauma Syndrome. Presentation at the Texas Freethought Convention. Dallas, Texas.

Interview by Chris Johnson for A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out On Joy & Meaning in a World Without God.

Interview by Valerie Tarico on Recovering from Religious Trauma.

RTS: An Historical Overview. Keynote presentation at the Conference on Religious Trauma, 2021.

RTS: Treatment and Psychoeducation. Presentation at the Conference on Religious Trauma, 2021.

Understanding the Religious Right.Dailykos.

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin. Huffington Post.

Trump’s Worldview Mirrors the Most Archaic and Apocalyptic of Christian Beliefs. Alternet

Personal Goals: Key to self-direction in adulthood. In Ford, M. (Ed.), Humans as Self-Constructing Living Systems: Putting the Framework to Work.

The assessment of personal goal hierarchies. Journal of Counseling Psychology.

Art Exhibitions

From Holy to Whole: Journeys of Recovery from Rigid Religion. Video tour. Exhibited at Colorado State University, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Brisbane, Australia. Curated 56 artworks by 14 artists and produced 26.

Photography . Fine Art America. “Noticing” exhibition in Alameda, CA.

Conference On Religious Trauma Talks

RTS: An Historical Overview 

RTS Treatment and Psychoeducation

Blog Articles

What Child Is This?

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The Search for Meaning – Marlene Winell talks about her deconversion process with Caroline Jones

Cass Midgley interviews Marlene Winell on Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

Ryan Bell of Life After God interviews Marlene Winell

Marlene Interviewed by Mark Dowd on Religious Trauma – Podcast

Recovering From Religious Trauma: with Psychologist Dr. Marlene Winell – The Thinking Atheist Podcast

In Conversation with Frank Schaeffer – Podcast

Marie, Myself, and I – Podcast

Leaving The Fold (Religious Trauma x Breaking Free) – Podcast

Behind The Mirror – Podcast

Life After God’s Tracks: Recovering From Religion – Podcast

On “Everyone’s Agnostic,” Cass Midgley and Dr. Bob Pondillo interview Dr. Marlene Winell.