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Confidentiality Agreement(Required)
JOURNEY FREE HELPING PROFESSIONALS CONFIDENTIALITY STANDARDS: All client information is to be treated as confidential, including the fact that the patient receives (or previously received) services through helping professionals in this group. No client information may be disclosed without the explicit informed consent of the client and authorization by his/her clinician. The following would be inappropriate, unethical, and/or illegal: == Discussing/revealing client information to anyone outside this cohort (e.g., friends, family, fellow students or supervisees, etc.). == Discussing/revealing client information to another group member who has no legitimate need to know. == Obtaining access to client information not directly necessary for your learning in this cohort. == Copying client files or other client information available through the website onto your own computer == Placing client information on the internet or into any other publicly-available forum without consent. HELPING PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT I hereby acknowledge, by checking the box below, that I understand that any client information to which I have access is considered confidential, including clinical records, financial records, or any other identifiable information about clients discussed in our cohort.